From a practicing logo designer to other practicing designers
The book is real and relevant; it tackles the everyday needs & challenges of a logo designer, put into one definitive guide & process on designing solid logos, creating the right identity system, how to present them to clients, & how to build a design career.

HDL is built as a complete set of:
Templates, links & smart resources, frameworks, exercises, graphs, charts, checklists, tips, tricks, case studies, and tests to help you master your next project from one cohesive resource.

How to Design a Logo is designed around the most crucial three questions someone should ask to understand any subject fully; the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of things.
In this book, these questions are used to give you a full understanding of any subject introduced, giving you insight into what that subject is about, why you need to know about it, and how to use and apply it, making it a straightforward, in-depth book on brand identity design.​

HDL is ideal for designers, creatives, students, professionals, and anyone interested in understanding what it takes to design a logo and an identity system.

In How to Design a Logo you will learn:
. Branding fundamentals and vocabulary.
. Logo design types, execution styles, and fundamentals.
. Font classifications and their associations.
. Color terminology, harmony, and principles.
. Choosing the right fonts and color palette
. Brand strategy as a strategic thinking process for designers.
. The business of design includes pricing design projects, generating client leads, niching, building portfolios, social media presence, and personal development tools.​​​​​​​​​​​​

HDL's logo & identity system design process takes you:
From client contact, carrying out a discovery call, sending out the quote and timeline proposal, collecting the right data using the book's brand strategy based brand brief, conveying the collected data to the right visual direction, sketching and vectorizing the best logo design concepts, picking and testing the winning concepts, creating complimentary identity systems, building the right project presentation and presenting it to the client, creating a brand guideline, delivering the final files to your client.


An excellent logo design handbook,  it is a reference for all marketing and branding guru.​
-Mohamed Hassan
I read many books in the field of logo designing and I saw that many books are portfolios of the authors just showing you their achievements, and they didn't mention the exact process or the tips and tricks in designing. I can describe this book as a textbook for logo designing and branding from zero to hero, and one day I will see this book is an official book in universities in the field of design. Thanks, Hadeel for your great efforts.​
-Mohammed Talal Al-Meshhdany
Being a self-taught designer I always struggled in gathering information about the PROCESS, what needed to be done and what not, always getting to know new things while researching made me realize there is MUCH MORE to learn but there was no roadmap to follow. 
This book will guide me through all of those things in a proper way, and since it's written by someone whom I've been following as a design inspiration for 2-3 years, I'm too excited about it.
If you are a Brand designer do order it, the investment will be worth every penny!!
Lastly, other than this book, I would like to Thank Hadeel for being a great mentor figure for me and a HUGE thanks for every time she helped me with my confusion related to design. Stay blessed. جزاك الله خيرا
-Khawaja Muhammad Bilal
HDL book is a life changer ❤
-Adeosun Anu
والله الكتاب جميل وبياخد العقل
كم المعلومات اللي فيه جدا دسمة صرلي اكتر من ساعتين بس عبتصفح شو فيه
ومتأكد لما اقرأه ع رواق رح انذهل اكتر
شيئ جدا جدا فخم وقررت اني ارفع اعمالي السابقة (اللي اكيد ماني راضي عنها ) ع بيهانس ونشوف مع بعض كيف الحال رح يصير بعد ما خلصه
وشكرا مرة تانية الله يرزقك الصحة والسعادة ويهنيكي انتي وعيلتك الجميلة
حلو الكتير الدافع المعنوي اللي وصلني اول ما مسكت الكتاب.
Adham Aljbeili
I'm still confused about finding the best word to describe this book, the efforts, the knowledge, and everything. I have just received the book, I just had a little check on it, and all I can say is that Hadeel did something unexpected in the creative field, the book isn't a portfolio of her work, it's a physical school that you can carry on with you whenever you were and every time you want, this is a decade of hard work, sacrifices, efforts, and knowledge all in a single source. Well done Hadeel, we appreciate what you've shared with us and we're always happy that we're taking our experience to the next level with your guidance 👏🏻 thank you.
- Ayoub L'Merroun
Simply an all-in-one resource that has it all for every graphic designer
it is surely a must-have!
full of great creativity and awesomeness
very well done work with lots of love and passion .. Thank you hadeel 💛​
Abrar kilani- Graphilicious